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Our chief physician Dr. Sahdev Arya has been practising medicine for over three decades, from the time when computer was unheard of in India. Internet is also very new to India, just 18 years of age and the trend of medical advertisements that too of internet marketing is very recent. In India physicians never used to take testimonials from their patients, it’s only their happiness that matters to the physicians but in last 8-10 years due to the rapid growth of information technology, medical profession couldn’t keep itself aloof from the trend of aggressive marketing undergoing in other professions. Strictly speaking, as per the rich traditions of Ayurveda established by the immortal Acharyas, marketing about the profession is not regarded as appropriate but in this age where disseminating the honest information is necessary so that the patients can have an informed choice for making their decision; we are hereby launching the website on the persistent requests of our patients and also for the information and benefit of those who want to avail pure and authentic Ayurvedic treatment.

We are hereby presenting the testimonials taken in this short period of website designing and as per our ethics, we maintain certain standards regarding testimonials, which are as follows:

  1. We do not reveal the real name of our patients in order to keep their privacy intact.
  2. It is true that patients do not refuse the doctor to reveal their names or photographs due to moral pressure but they feel awkward from inside while revealing their names and their diseases; we, understanding this made their testimonials anonymous.
  3. Original copies of the testimonials are kept with us in laminated form and any person can see them while visiting clinic for treatment, if they wish so.
  4. We are presenting the testimonials in their original form, except some translations in English where the testimonials are written in Hindi.
    "I was suffering from severe lower backache due to compression in lower discs. I couldn’t move/stand/walk, was on bed and remained so far for more than 20 days despite taking allopathic treatment from a well-known orthopaedic surgeon. While I was hospitalised and suggested to be operated upon, one of my colleague suggested me for Dr Arya. At Delhi I was feeling very low, quite dejected, my first talk with Dr Arya gave me confidence and highest degree of motivation. After taking complete treatment from Dr Arya here I am completely cured and leading a normal life for the past 9 years."
  • <span>MIGRAINE</span>
    "I had severe Migraine problem for 3 years and was unable to do my daily work and studies. None of the Allopathic treatment could cure it and the pain attacks used to happen in every 15-20 days and lasts for 72 hours. Dr Arya’s treatment was a true blessing for me. It just took 6 months of daily doses to cure me completely. Since last 3 years there hasn’t been a single pain attack."
  • <span>PROSTATE DISORDER</span>
    "My PSA levels were elevated to 24 ng/ml, was hospitalised and advised to undergo operation for this problem. After taking treatment from Dr Arya my PSA level had come down to 4 ng/ml which is extra-ordinary. Dr Arya was very cooperative and generous, his medicines were very effective that showed such results."
    "I was having pain in lower back radiating in one of my leg which started increasing till it was difficult for me to even walk freely. Further my back was tilled at 90 degree due to stiffness and pain. MRI report quoted as “L5-S1 Disc is Degenerated and dehydrated”. I took treatment from govt. hospital but with little relief. Then I consulted Dr Arya at Maulsiri Ayurvedic Multispecialty Clinic where Dr Arya gave me medicines and advised certain exercises. I got completely cured after 3 months of treatment and now leading a normal life."
  • <span>COELIAC DISEASE</span>
    "My 5yr old daughter was suffering from Coeliac Disease due to which she was unable to take wheat products. She had loose motions and vomiting after consuming wheat products. Before taking the treatment from Dr Arya her tTG-IgA result was 99.6 AU/mL but now after the treatment of Dr Arya her tTG-IgA result is 1.8 AU/mL and she has now, slowly started consuming the wheat products without any problem."
  • <span>PROLONGED BACH-ACHE</span>
    "I had severe pain in my back for a long time. I had a lot of difficulty in walking and even while sleeping. I got myself checked in a private orthopaedic hospital where I was advised surgery. I also consulted several Ayurvedic doctors but there was no relief. Afterwards I consulted Dr Arya at Maulsiri Ayurvedic Multispecialty Clinic and after taking his treatment for 10 months continuously, my back pain has got completely cured."
  • <span>COELIAC DISEASE</span>
    "I had coeliac disease for which I took Allopathic Treatment but it didn’t proved to be helpful. Then I consulted Dr Arya at Maulsiri Ayurvedic Multispecialty Clinic. I had great experiences with Dr Arya and got cured completely. Dr Arya has magic in his hand and medicines."
  • <span>ASTHMA</span>
    "I consulted Dr Arya at Maulsiri Ayurvedic Multispecialty Clinic for the Asthma problem. I also took Homeopathic medicines for a long time before consulting Dr Arya. I felt motivated by the pleasant and encouraging atmosphere of the Clinic, Dr Arya is very decent and caring Physician. I am now absolutely cured."
  • <span>BACK ACHE</span>
    "For the last 2 years I was suffering from the problem of back-ache and it was difficult for me to stand or walk for a long time. I tried treatment from many doctors but didn’t get relief. On this day of writing my testimony I am now 60% cured and still continuing with the treatment of Dr Arya."
  • <span>OSTEOARTHRITIS</span>
    "I was suffering from severe pain in both of my knees. The doctor had given me pain killers and calcium tablets after MRI for one long year. Having no relief Doctor advised me to get admitted in the hospital for knee replacement. I then took treatment from Dr Arya after which now both of my knees have recovered almost 90%. I am highly satisfied with the treatment given to me by Dr Sahdev Arya."
  • <span>SLIPPED DISC</span>
    "I had slipped disc at L3-L4 due to which I used to have excruciating pain in my back. I took a lot of treatment here but it was not helpful at all. Dr Arya is like God for me, he helped me a lot during the treatment and it is due to him only that I got completely cured. I talked to him on phone only first and received the medicines through courier, it was only after getting relief I went to Jaipur for check-up. Today due to his blessing I am completely alright after 7 years of treatment and never had any trouble."
  • <span>PSORIASIS</span>
    "I had skin Psoriasis which hampered my work and routine. I consulted Dr Arya at Maulsiri Ayurvedic Multispecialty Clinic where he provided me very good guidance and treatment. Now I don’t have any type of skin problem. I pay my thanks and best wishes to Respected Dr Arya."
  • <span>CANCER</span>
    "My grandfather had cancer in lungs and bleeding in cough. We had been advised chemotherapy by the doctors but family members were not interested in chemotherapy and radiation. We consulted Dr Arya and took his treatment. After one year of continuous treatment of Dr Arya, he is now fine and living a healthy life."
  • <span>LUMBAR SPONDYLOSIS</span>
    "I was having persistent pain in my lower back, after bearing a lot, one day I couldn’t got out of bed and my left leg was paining very much and my knee became senseless. Almost all of the Allopathic doctors told me that there is no way out except Surgery. After bearing pain and trouble for six months, I consulted Dr Arya and took his treatment. I got cured completely after taking his treatment for one month."
  • <span>LIVER DISORDER</span>
    "The whole problem started with pain in stomach, afterwards appetite started decreasing, after few days I got to know that I have Jaundice. Unlike normal Jaundice it didn’t got cured in 2-3 weeks, the level of bilirubin in the blood rose from 11 to 21, 31, 42 and reached till 47 in the end. Complexion became dark, steep fall in weight, along with itching in the body hairs started falling and eyes became yellowish-brown. All the medicines were ineffective. After being disappointed from everywhere we reached Maulsiri Ayurvedic Multispecialty clinic. After consulting Dr Arya I thought that I would not have suffered if I had consulted him before as he first motivated me and made me mentally strong. He gave me medicines along with an elaborate dietary advice. Just after 20 days of taking the medicines the level of bilirubin fell by 10 points which was surprising as what could not be achieved in three months of treatment, his medicines and guidance did it. It is the efficacy of his treatment that I got rid of the Jaundice in just two months of treatment. Liver problem was eliminated from its roots, liver metabolism was improved and at last I got a new life. After this we had developed such belief in Ayurveda that for every problem, now we straight away consult Dr Arya only."
  • <span>EPILEPSY</span>
    "My child was having epilepsy from the birth. He was incapable of standing and walking on his own, even he was unable to speak properly. His neck was also bended downwards. We took the treatment in child super-speciality hospital for one year and there was no improvement. Afterwards we consulted Dr Arya and taking his treatment for the last two years. There were no fits from last one year and his problems related to posture are also got cured."
  • <span>COMPRESSION AT L-4, L-5 REGION</span>
    "Severe lower backache due to compression at L-4 and L-5 region. Leave about walking I was unable to sit or stand properly. Most of the doctors in Gorakhpur and also in Jaipur advised me surgery. With reference from one of our relative, we reached Maulsiri Ayurvedic Multispecialty clinic. Prior to consulting Dr Arya I was completely hospitalised and was advised complete bed rest. This Ayurvedic clinic gave me lots of new energy. Now I am cured and doing my work like before. I am very thankful to Dr Arya and will remember his treatment lifelong."
  • <span>AMNOERRHEA</span>
    "I stopped getting periods for which I took treatment from Dr Arya at Maulsiri Ayurvedic Multispecialty clinic. After taking one month of treatment I got completely cured and the best thing is that the Ayurvedic medicines do not have any side effect and they cure the disease right from its roots."
  • <span>SLIPPED DISC</span>
    "I was having Slipped Disc problem and was unable to bend and walk. I consulted Dr Arya for my problem and followed his instructions completely. My problem was fully solved by Dr Arya and I am very much satisfied with the treatment given to me. Ayurveda is the best treatment available in our great country. I am thankful to Dr Arya for his wonderful treatment."
  • <span>ARTHRITIS</span>
    "I had lot of joint-pains, numbness in fingers and body ache. I went through a lot of tests and medicines but was not cured. I would really appreciate Dr Arya as he caught the disease at one go. He has really cured me. I now believe in Ayurvedic medicines and owe due respect to Dr Arya and his ability."
    "I started having a lot of cramps on my legs which I would feel when I get up from sitting for a long time. Then I started noticing other things such as calves being in extreme heat and randomly getting stuck to the floor and falling whether in flats or heals. Then my back started to hurt. I then consulted with a neurologist and orthopaedics and ran tests. The tests showed that I had a slipped disc in L5-S1, also a balance disorder. Despite all this, the doctors could give a proper diagnosis other than a possible degenerative disease. My reports were sent to Singapore and they too could not diagnose. I then went to Mumbai to get treated. I had no choice but to take steroids in a small dose for a month which improved my condition but I need something that could improve my overall health and make sure I don’t get back to what I was. Then I was suggested to see Dr Arya. Dr Arya did my check up and gave me medicines to make my legs and back stronger. He also advised me to improve my overall health by exercising and eating healthy food. Ever since I have met him, I have become a believer of natural medicine and I always try to read and advice people on being healthy in a natural way."
The above testimonials are for the purpose of reference only and we do not guarantee that all patients will experience the same results. Success rate of the treatment may vary according to various conditions and individual factors. Results may vary from person to person. Note: The patients’ names have been changed to keep their privacy intact.