Maulshri Ayurvedic | Our Ethics
Our ethics and values are manifested in the following words of our Chief Physician, Dr Sahdev Arya

“Ethics are the moral principles which govern the behavior and conduct of a person or an organization. Physicians, at all times in the history, have enjoyed great respect in the society. Such high status is accorded to them in Indian society that they are considered next to God.
It demands highest standards of conduct from the physicians and in this age where Globalization and Information technology has touched every aspect of human life, Medical Ethics have assumed paramount importance.
The doctor patient relationship in Ayurveda is perspicuously paternal and entails that the patient trust their physician and that the physician exercise benevolence and affection towards the patient.
According to Acharya Shusrut :

“Patient might mistrust the members of their own family but repose full trust in their physician, surrender themselves over to the care of their physician, without any doubt whatsoever and for that respect and trust, the physician must protect their patient like a son.” – Acharya Shusrut
Such high moral grounds have been prescribed for the physician by the Acharyas of Ayurveda that practicing Ayurveda is a sort of worship, it must not be relegated to just a means of earning.
Though the circumstances have altogether changed in the 21st century, we are living in altogether a new age, the exact conduct of 20th century BC or 6th century BC cannot be replicated in this century but the core principles are still relevant today, even more in the background of declining moral values in the society.
Practicing medicine is a profession today and there is nothing unethical in taking fees or remuneration for the services rendered but exploiting the gullible and innocent people, taking advantage of your knowledge and their ignorance is unethical.

The overall conduct of an Ayurvedic physician must confer to the following four ethical codes of conduct:

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Fidelity to the moral precepts, advocated in Ayurveda
  • Free, Fair, Honest and Selfless advise to the patients, and
  • Recognizing ones limitations and advising the patients accordingly.