Maulshri Ayurvedic | Our Approach To Panchakarma
Panchakarma is a bio-cleansing therapy which aims at elimination of the disease causing factors (metabolic toxins) and maintaining the equilibrium of doshas. The expulsion of accumulated metabolic wastes from the body srotas (channels) i.e. detoxification, lead to metabolic restoration and subsequent rejuvenation (enhancing natural immunity, energy levels; slowing of ageing process, increasing lifespan and vitality.)
Panchakarma therapy is both preventative for healthy people to maintain and improve their organ functioning, and curative for those experiencing diseases.


In this perspective, presently Panchakarma therapy has two connotation:

  1. It is carried out as an excellent alternative to the modern massage and spa therapy. In this respect there is no doubt that Panchakarma has established its superiority to any other alternative form of relaxing therapy. It accrues the twin benefits of body relaxation and strengthening of body tissues.

    Panchakarma centres across India has established their excellent credentials in this regard.

  2. As a part of therapeutic regimen, Panchakarma is carried out in Ayurvedic hospitals and clinics in the management of diseases. The real effectiveness of the Panchakarma therapy is tested here, where it is designed for a particular disease or tissue.

An experienced and learned physician upon diagnosis recommends Panchakarma therapy and under his guidance only it can be imparted flawlessly.

  1. Panchakarma therapy entails regular visits to the Ayurvedic clinic usually for more than 6 days.
  2. Clinics imparting Panchakarma therapy has to maintain a trained staff and required infrastructure .This results in considerable amount being charged from the patients which goes on increasing with the no. of sittings
  3. For outstation patients, it is very expensive as they have to spend a lot of money on accommodation and travelling. In addition to this it also causes inconvenience not only to the patients but also to the caretakers who are travelling along with the patients.
  4. It is not that all diseases require Panchakarma therapy, majority of the diseases got cured by medicines only but there are some disorders where Panchakarma therapy is required and also it is contra-indicated in certain conditions e.g. pregnancy, acute fever etc.
  5. Most of the Govt. Ayurvedic dispensaries in rural and remote areas of India do not have facility for panchakarma but that does not mean that the Ayurvedic physicians are not treating there , they are curing the diseases and that too with very good results (In India onlythose who have great skills and knowledge are selected in Govt. jobs through an open competition as Govt. jobs in India are considered to be very prestigious, so their ability should not be doubted). Even in the Ayurvedic Institutes of national level it is not so that every patient is advised Panchakarma, only specific cases are referred to Pachakarma where it is imperative to do so.
  6. Hence in the present circumstances Panchakarma therapy has to be advised only when it is necessary otherwise it will lead to unnecessary financial burden upon the patients and also causes a lot of inconvenience to the patients and their caretakers.
  1. Ethical
  2. Patient oriented
  3. Scientific
  4. Result oriented
Ethical and Patient oriented: Our approach to Panchakarma is always ethical and patient oriented. So when we can cure a disease without Panchkarma, in spite of having trained staff and infrastructure for imparting Panchakarma, we never advice our patients for Panchakarma even though for such disease, most of the clinics strongly advise Panchakarma therapy.
For e.g. in case of Spinal disorders, particularly Slipped Disc/Herniated Disc, our chief physician Dr Sahdev Arya has the rare expertise to cure even the chronic cases only through medicines, therefore we never advice Panchakarma to such patients and many of our patients got cured form Slipped Disc even without visiting the clinic i.e. just by sending their medical reports and receiving medicines at their doorsteps. Similarly in the case of Coeliac Disease, Asthma, Psoriasis, Migraine, varicose Veins, facial Paralysis, Epilepsy etc. we seldom advice Panchakarma and most of our patients got cured only through medicines.
Scientific and Result oriented: We are a genuine Ayurvedic treatment centre, where Panchakarma is applied as a part of treatment. For us Panchakarma is akin to modern surgery where minuscule of technical details is considered with utmost sincerity.
Panchakarma therapy imparted by us has shown miraculous results. Such was the accuracy and impeccability of the treatment that patients who had lost all their hopes, got cured successfully.
We always put the Panchakarma therapy imparted by us to two litmus tests:

  1. The Panchakarma therapy must be effective in providing purification of body at two levels. First at Gross level i.e. at the level of organs and organ system and Secondly at the Cellular level.
  2. There should not be any relapse i.e. chances for the recurrence of the disease so treated should be remote.