Maulshri Ayurvedic | Our Fourfold Approach

Our four fold approach to your health and happiness:

  1. Diagnosis and Treatment: Diagnosis is the most important part of any medicine system and we at Maulsiri Ayurvedic Multispecialty Clinic follow two fold methods of diagnosis to make sure that nothing should go undiagnosed.
    1. Traditional Ayurvedic method of Diagnosis such as the miraculous Pulse Diagnosis, etc. and
    2. Modern methods of Diagnosis such as Blood Examination, MRI, etc.

    Treatment- After diagnosis and prescribing the line of treatment, it is the efficacy of medicines which decides the elimination of disease causing factors. Quality of medicines depends upon a number of factors such as Procurement of herbs, there preservation, processing and finally the method of preparation of medicines. We are fully aware of these factors and therefore provides you the best available herbs and formulations so that our sincere hard work and dedication in diagnosing and prescribing a strong line of treatment should not suffer due to lack of effective medicines.

  2. Diet and Lifestyle: Diet and Lifestyle are central to your Health and are the best weapons to ward off any ailment as Acharya Charak remarked “Such diet should be taken which maintains the health so that the diseases not emerged yet would not so, also in future.” Along with medicines- exclusive “Diet and Lifestyle Instructions” are given which are custom designed for each patient separately based on their medical history and body constitution. Body consitiution is very important as diet recommendation in Ayurveda is Prakriti based rather than calorie based.
  3. Yoga: Ayurveda and Yoga are sister disciplines, both have their origin in Vedas and are intrinsically related. Though yoga is beneficial for whole body but in certain diseases it can supplement the effect of medicine and strengthens the effected organs. It is only a learned and experienced physician who has an in-depth understanding of body anatomy and organ functioning; and simultaneously an expert of yoga who knows the intricacies of yoga postures; can recommend yoga for the treatment, as any deviation may exacerbate the conditions instead of alleviating them. We are privileged of having Dr Sahdev Arya as our chief physician who has an in-depth knowledge and practical experience of yoga, had attended full time yoga course way back in 1982 and since then, has been applying the practical aspects of yoga in the management of diseases and conditions
  4. Our Rasayana Therapy: The word Rasayana is derived from two words- ‘Rasa’ and ‘Ayana’. ‘Rasa’ is the vital fluid produced by the digestion of food i.e. the essence of digested food stuff, which nourishes the seven vital tissues i.e. Dhatus and traverses throughout the body. ‘Ayana’ means the path or channel for the same. Thus by nourishing the seven vital tissues Rasayana provides immunity against various diseases, prevents aging, enhances intelligence, and provides general well being. According to Acharya Charak Rasayanas rejuvenates the body by producing the best quality of tissues, increases lifespan; improves memory, body strength, skin lustre etc. Rasayanas are the excellent Immunomodulators as they enhances OJAS- the essential energy of the immune system and thereby improves natural resistance against infections and diseases.

We specialise in Rasayana therapy and follow two fold approach in the prescription of Rasayanas:-

  1. In the course of treatment, Rasayanas which have restorative properties in the respective diseases are prescribed. These Rasayanas are termed as Kinchitartasya Rognut by Acharya Charak and Naimittika Rasayana by Acharya Dalhan.
  2. After treatment i.e. elimination of disease, Rasayanas which promote and maintain the health are prescribed. These Rasayanas are termed as Swasthasyaurjaskara rasayana by Acharya Charak and kamya Rasayana by Acharya Dalhan. After meticulous examination of body constitution and recent medical history, initially those rasayanas are prescribed which strengthen the particular tissues and organs, recently effected so that there should not be any relapse and latter Rasayanas which promotes general health and enhances overall body’s immunity are prescribed.