Maulshri Ayurvedic | Interview

A brief interview with our Chief Physician Dr. Sahdev Arya about Ayurveda:

Sir, what is the nature of Ayurveda? Is it a science of medicine or a science of life itself? How old is it?
Do Ayurveda has branches of specialities as it is there in modern medicine system?
What exactly is Ayurveda? What are its broad principles?
How is Human body conceived in Ayurveda? What are its attributes? How are they related with the condition of good health?
How is health defined in Ayurveda? How is it different from modern medicine system?
It is generally perceived that Ayurveda has defined human body only up to tissue level i.e. unlike modern medicine system it does not concerns with cellular mechanism and that it has not gone at atomic or sub-atomic level.
How do you perceive Ayurveda vis-a-vis modern medicine system?